The dog health care club fit for today's dog parents

Today’s dog health care industry doesn’t support a preventative approach to optimised health. Instead, it’s mainly focused on providing reactive health care, and where there is a preventive approach, it is often cost prohibitive.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, vets and dog lovers with an ambition to revolutionise the way today’s dog parents think, access, and experience their dogs’ health care.

That’s why at Dogtastic we’ve developed a holistic vetcare club focused on the physical, behavioural, nutritional, and mental needs of your dog. Through the club, members can continuously nurture their dog’s health with unlimited, 24/7 vetcare, whilst avoiding unnecessary and costly vet visits.

At Dogtastic we want your dog to enjoy the healthiest life possible and in turn, for you to have peace of mind, knowing no matter what query or issue you may have regarding your dog’s health, you can contact our vets anytime from your phone or other device and receive an answer instantly.


We’re just getting started on an exciting journey to create a dog health care club, fit for today’s dog parents and dogs. We look forward to welcoming you and your best friend to the Dogtastic club.